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Agence web spécialisée en création de site Drupal

Digital agency based in Lyon and specialized in the creation and development of websites, the kali agency is an expert in the implementation and management of the Drupal CMS. We support you in all your Drupal web solutions to meet all your design, creation and development needs.

At Kali, we have explored and studied the Drupal CMS to use all its specificities and technicalities and you deliver the best solutions. With our expertise in design and our broad vision of digital strategy, we use Drupal as an asset that strengthens your digital ecosystem.

The Drupal CMS in a few words

Drupal is an OpenSource CMS tool, i. e. a content management system that is freely available and can be modified directly in the source code. It allows you to design and manage a wide variety of websites, from showcase sites to applications, e-commerce sites, mobile sites, webresponsive….

Its latest Drupal 8 version offers an infinite number of new development possibilities by integrating a new version of the Symfony Framework. From simple development to the most complex developments, this CMS adapts to the needs of its users thanks to its high stability, flexibility and ease of management. It is suitable for all projects, for a tailor-made web development, which allows more advanced technicalities than many CMS. It perfectly meets the needs of professionals, and relies on a solid community of OpenSource developers, who provide many modules to cover basic functionalities.

Why use Drupal for your web solutions?

By developing your web solution on the Drupal CMS, you ensure a site:

  • Tailor-made and customizable
  • Responsive
  • Multilingual if necessary
  • Optimized for natural referencing
  • With many features
  • Secure

Apart from its technical capabilities that allow you to have a solid and efficient site, Drupal is a powerful CMS that is accessible to administrators. The backoffice is simple and intuitive, and allows you to manage your content independently.  Its modular interface allows you to edit content easily, by directly visualizing the page design, to choose a flexible content architecture, to manage your menus… You also have the possibility to configure the CMS to include your site in an SEO strategy, using descriptions, url rewriting, meta tags etc., to optimize your visibility on the web.

In conclusion, Drupal allows you a great independence in the administration, creation, management and use of your site.

Drupal: Kali expertise

At Kali, we guide you throughout your project, from digital strategic consulting to the online launch and maintenance of your web solution. We take care of all the design, development and implementation of your website on the Drupal CMS. We support you in your project from A to Z, ensure the follow-up of your solutions, and guide you in the management of your content to leave you in control of the backoffice and the administration of your site.

Our knowledge of Drupal is advanced, to meet all your needs. Our developers have all the skills to handle it:

  • Design and creation of the front and back interface
  • Data migration
  • The implementation of the necessary extensions and tools
  • Management of emailing
  • Data analysis and user tracking
  • The regulation of RGPD standards and respect for Internet users.

We take care of the creation and design of your website at your side, for a tailor-made website. Once the site is online, we support you in your first steps on the Drupal backoffice interface, so that you can manage your content and site as you wish.

Whatever your project, we build it together and listen to you. We combine our technical skills, creativity and web knowledge with your project to create digital solutions that look like you.

Our Drupal references

  • Nikon Club
  • Nikon School
  • Archea
  • Clearblue